Broken marriage? There’s an App for that…

7 12 2010

Yes, you heard me right and no, I’m not trying to be funny. There really is an App for fixing marriages. In fact, there are numerous ones to choose from.

The past twelve months have been full of ‘big announcements’, with more than a handful of my friends getting engaged. As well as being wonderfully happy for each and every one of them, I also love a good wedding… they’re like an extended Office Christmas Party; inappropriate drunkenness is always guaranteed! Whilst I don’t, for a second, think that any of my friends will live a less-than-perfect married life, there are always some couples that take ‘lover’s tiff’ to a whole new level. And for these couples, technology has a solution.

Introducing… the marriage apps. Yes, that’s right, use Marriage Fight Tracker to “keep track of your arguments and issues that include date, facts, descriptions and as many details as you want.” Seriously… how often would you refer back to this? Or why not try Why Did I Marry You Anyway? (sounds good already!), which includes cue cards with wisdom like “Infatuation does not last.” The fun doesn’t stop there kids – Mind Over Marriage, Fix a Fight… the list is endless.

I do love technology but, seriously, who is using these Apps? Are they a sign of the future; will a simple disagreement about Eastenders vs Football be noted down on your phone and referred back to at every available opportunity? Or are they a good way of re-evaluating what’s really important in life? Personally, I’m undecided so until I get hitched, I think I’ll just stick to Angry Birds…

Ps. I hope someone gets Kate an iPhone… just in case Will starts to get on her nerves!