New Year’s Resolution… WIN!

6 02 2009

Part of my New Year’s Resolution was to do more of what I say and one of the main things I was referring to was sorting out my blog. So, a mere 37 days after the start of 2009, I have finally set up my blog.


I’m not particularly sure what this blog will consist of… I suppose it is just a means of constantly talking without any poor sole having to listen to me. If you decide that you want to keep up to date with this blog, you can be sure to find the following:

– Random thoughts
– Opinions on topical matters
– Links to interesting things
– Ramblings related to PR, Birmingham and the creative industries
– References to retail therapy and drinking cocktails
– Pictures of my life and the things I get up to
– My favourite words and phrases
– References to Facebook and Twitter… I’m obsessed!
– and much, much more I’m sure.

So, I hope you have a lovely weekend – no doubt I’ll be spending mine blogging… it’s my addictive personality you see!!

Lovess xx xx

Ps. Wow, writing my first post was kinda fun!