We’ve All Gone GaGa

14 12 2009

She’s certainly gained some column inches since breaking into the charts and it seems as though there’s no stopping Lady Gaga.

I’ve seen countless headlines about her crazy demeanour and somewhat interesting wardrobe, and there are even rumours that she may have previously been a different sex. Regardless of the criticism and down-right rudeness about her, it seems that we have all in fact gone Gaga.

Yesterday her latest track, Bad Romance, went to the top of the British Charts; her third British Number 1. It also made chart history for the most Number 1 songs in a single year by a female artist.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how they find GaGa’s controversy too contrived and yet they’re still buying her single. Personally, I think it’s brilliant that we have someone in the charts with a bit of personality; she’s putting a bit of fun back in to the pop world… something that we all praised Madonna for in the 80’s.

It was about time Madge hung up her leotard and made room for the next role model, and why not GaGa?! She’s fun, she’s pretty, she doesn’t hurt anyone (well, apart from the guy in her last video but that was made up) and do you know what, she’s brought a bit of joy to an otherwise gloomy 2009.

So, I say ‘All Hail GaGa’ — the crazy blonde with the enviable wardrobe and talent for playing the piano with her feet (this I have actually witnessed for myself!)


Fancy playing the fame game? Just ask my Dad.

18 11 2009

The latest of the seminars from music business extraordinaire, Barry Tomes (yes my Dad), is going to be a good’un. He’ll be talking about playing the ‘fame game’ – when is it useful, does it have limitations, and can you/should you use it to achieve your dreams?

He’ll also be joined by someone who knows all too well about the game, Niki Evans, who was a semi-finalist in the 2007 X-Factor series. She’ll be giving her inside track on the show, talking about her experience of fame, and giving her opinions on the latest series.

The seminar is free and part of Barry Tomes’ involvement in Birmingham Central Library.

Fancy it…?

Saturday 21 November 2009


Birmingham Central Library – Room 4 on the 4th Floor.