My new fave ad… another Cadbury classic

15 05 2011

Working in Marketing, I always love a great advert and my latest favourite comes courtesy of Cadbury.

After *that* Gorilla ad and then the brilliant ‘eyebrow dance’, it seems that their ad department just keep getting better. This is their latest creative, which ties in to their new campaign ‘Charity Shop Dance Off.’


Measuring newspaper audiences – online count too!

27 11 2009

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I meant to blog about this yesterday but it was a bit of a mad day!

I saw a story that seven regional newspaper publishers have signed up to a new initiative to show their combined print and online audience. Launched this week, Locally Connected has been set up by the Newspaper Society with the aim to measure audiences in a way that will give advertisers and PR’s a better picture of the readership.

The groups that have already signed up are: Trinity Mirror, Northcliffe Media, Johnston Press, Newsquest, Guardian Media Group, Midland News Association and Iliffe News & Media.

I saw the article quoted the Newspaper Society of saying the initiative, “showed that local media websites increase the reach of regional and local newspapers within their circulation areas by 14pc, particularly among upmarket and core middle age groups.”

It went on to quote NS president David Fordham: “The development of a robust and reliable system of multimedia audience measurement has been one of the biggest challenges facing all media today… Locally Connected now gives advertisers a unique cross-media planning system, allowing them to effectively target local communities across the UK in print as well as online.”

I think this is a step in the right direction for an industry that has, and still is facing, major changes. A prime example for the need for Locally Connected is the Birmingham Post, which became a Weekly Publication this month. The new-look paper is very popular but the website is even moreso, with people able to get the latest news direct to their screen. I don’t know the stats but I’d imagine the Post has a huge readership online and these people should not be discounted.

Speaking of the which, I saw an article in Media Week earlier today that praised the new-look Post. It’s great to see them supporting the paper, as I think it’s an important resource in the city.