Links I Like

I’ve come across lots of websites/blogs/links that I like recently, and rather than have them as an after-thought on my homepage, I thought they deserved their own spotlight. There’s no real science behind this, it’s just a list of things and people I like to look at (kind of like a permanent ‘Follow Friday’).

Other Great Blogs

  • Lorien.Me – Someone that everyone should know!
  • Jay Williams – Blog by “an ex-tabloid hack and founder of 72 Point”
  • Chris Brown – Account Exec at Big Cat
  • Ruth Ward – the blog of the Rewired PR boss
  • Jon Silk – Interesting posts about PR and other random funnies
  • 383 Project – Birmingham design agency; very talented, very clever, and good blog posts
  • Creative Review


  • Rewired PR – Creative, digital and leisure agency based in Birmingham. Just so happens to be the company I work for
  • PR Week – Needs no introduction
  • PR Media Blog

Creative and Cultural things


I will keep adding to this, so keep your eyes peeled for more…


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