Yet another post about yet another blogging fail

15 05 2011

You’re probably used to these now but this is yet another post about being a rubbish blogger and forgetting to keep this updated. I’m hoping that one day I will actually stick to my word and remain dedicated.

Until then, here’s another declaration that this blog WILL see more posts and you WILL be entertained by my witting words.

So, what have I been up to since my last post? Now there’s a challenge. So much has happened but the main thing is that I have started a fantastic new job; heading up the consumer comms at The NEC Group. My new role sees me leading on PR for The NEC, The NIA, LG Arena, Amadeus and I have also been shortlisted in the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year communications category – so fingers crossed for Thursday.

So, that’s a quick insight into the past few months. Let’s hope I’m back soon to tell you more about what I’m doing.


Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes

12 01 2010

Oh my god… that is all I have to say!

A Day in the life of Tara…

6 01 2010

Sometimes I do sit back and think how random my life is, and yesterday was no exception as I got to meet a hero of mine… the Barclays Premiership Trophy.

A Birmingham businessman won the chance to have the trophy for the day, so he teamed up with Harvey Nichols to raise money for St Basils by displaying it in the designer store’s menswear department for the day.

I went to have a gander at the trophy and it was as beautiful as I though. If only I’d taken a bag big enough to swipe it…

Happy New Year, Happy New Snow Boots

6 01 2010

Hello hello, it has been a while since I’ve blogged… apologies but the festive season has got in the way. The bad news now though, is that my brain has a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to blog about so sorry if you get sick of seeing random things from me over the next week.

So, how was everyone’s Christmas and New Year? We all set and ready for 2010? I am; completely. I don’t know why but I’m really excited about this year; there are so many things going on and being the start of a new decade makes me think there are even more possibilities.

On the personal side, there is lots going on, including an exciting house move this Friday. Stay tuned for pictures of the housewarming…

Work-wise there are some amazing things on the horizon, including some exciting plans for Style Birmingham; International Dance Festival Birmingham 2010; some great projects with Punch Records; and the fantastic Pop: Jann Haworth exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. There is also the looming final of The F Word, which features Birmingham’s very own Lasan. Fingers crossed they do it… tune in to Channel 4 tomorrow night at 9pm to find out. There’s loads more happening at Rewired, so I’ll be sure to share it with you.

But for now, I just want to say how bored I am of the snow. It was exciting when it was Christmas but Mr Jack Frost, IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS ANYMORE. I’m not using the white stuff to have any time off work either; what’s the point, you’ll only end up doing more when you’re back anyway. The drive home tonight was a tad horrendous as the snow is turning to ice, but most of the problems are caused by bad drivers!

Anyway, rant over… I’m off to finish packing for the big move. Catch you later.

Time To Get Carrie’d Away… again!

17 12 2009

I’ve just spied this online so thought I would share – it’s the first teaser poster for Sex and the City 2…

I cannot wait for the return of the girls, even moreso now I’ve been to New York again. Time to get the Cosmo’s out girls…

Tesco’s Ginger Joke

16 12 2009

Image Credit

I did tweet about this yesterday but again thought I should share it via the blog. This is one of my absolute favourite stories to ever appear in the press…. Tesco were on the money with popular humour but far off on the decent stakes.

I read yesterday that the big-chain supermarket had to publicly apologise after complaints about a Christmas Card. I can hear you thinking, “What on earth could be so bad about a Christmas card…?”

Well, some clever people at Tesco thought it would be funny to sell cards that showed a child with ginger hair sitting on Santa’s lap with the words “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones” above. Now, to me this is absolutely hilarious and spot on with jokes you hear every day, but I can see how offence could be taken.

In fact, a mother of three (all redheads) told BBC News, “I picked it up and I couldn’t believe it… I just thought ‘What is so funny about that?’ I didn’t really get the joke.”

In a way I do commend Tesco for joining the ginger joke, which I will point out most redheads do not mind, but I can see her point. But is this just yet another case of political correctness gone mad…? Perhaps.

35 Examples of Creative Minds

16 12 2009

This link has been sitting in my inbox all week, reminding me to blog about it.

A good Twitter friend of mine posted this link and I thought it was a great example of creative advertising, so wanted to share it with you. This is 35 examples of brilliant billboards, signs and outdoor ads.

Let me know your favourite ones… mine has to be this from The Economist: