Who’s that girl?

So, this is the part where I’m supposed to be funny and sarcastic, but I’m not one for convention so I won’t build your hopes up. Instead, here’s a little bit about me:

  • My Mum and Dad thought it was acceptable to have me in the 80s (see what I did there?!)
  • I was born in London but moved to Birmingham when I was a few months old… so I’m a Birmingham girl really
  • I head up the consumer comms (PR) for The NEC Group, which includes promoting all of the amazing shows and exhibitions at The NEC, The NIA and LG Arena. In addition to Amadeus, the catering arm, and http://www.theticketfactory.com
  • I won the CIPR Midlands Outstanding Young Communicator Award in December 2010
  • I’m Chair of the Birmingham Future Marketing Committee and Press Officer and member of the CIPR Midlands Committee
  • I sit on the board of VIVID, a visual arts company based in Digbeth, Birmingham
  • I’m a finalist in the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2011 communications category
  • I support Chelsea (look back to where I was born… it’s a family thing, not a ‘glory supporter’ thing).

I like:

  • Shopping
  • Eating out… or just generally eating great food
  • Drinking… mostly Jagermeister, Sambuca, Pimms and tea
  • Partying (see above)
  • Seeing friends
  • Meeting new people
  • Working… I sleep with my iPhone and Blackberry
  • Tweeting… come over and join me – @taratomes
  • Union Jacks… I’m a patriotic girl
  • All things design, type and graf
  • Things to be neat and tidy… self-diagnosed OCD and all that
  • Experiencing new things… culture, or otherwise
  • Football… watching, not playing obviously
  • Going to the gym… it’s just the ‘getting there’ bit that I struggle with
  • Trashy TV… The Hills, The City, Towie, Made in Chelsea, Jersey Shore – I love them all
  • Being a Tomes… my family are ridiculously important to me and being a Tomes is pretty damn cool!

I’m sure there’s more but you can always ask me if there’s something I’ve missed.


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