High Five for The Haven

21 01 2010

I’ve been waiting to get involved with a charity for some time, but was waiting for the right one… one I could dedicate some spare time (not that I have much of that) to and really help. I’ve always been a bit funny about donating money to big charities because it’s never clear exactly where the money goes… I want to actually see who I’m helping, and know that it’s making a real difference.

So, I’m really excited about working with an amazing charity called The Haven. Based in Wolverhampton, The Haven “supports women and children affected by Domestic Violence. The women and children are from a variety of backgrounds, ages and ability, but all have one thing in common – the desire to become independent and free from abuse and create a sustainable happy life for themselves and their families.”

I’ll be doing a range of things with them, from fundraising and volunteering, to raising public awareness and encouraging women who need it to use their services.

To start off what I hope will be a very long relationship with them, we’re starting a campaign called ‘High Five’.

The Haven has five refuges in total, all in need of supplies. We’re asking people to donate five things, of any value, to go to each of the homes. We want them to be identical things, so it could be something as small as 5 pens or 5 mugs, or something bigger like 5 toasters or 5 blankets. We also want to get things for the women and children, so clothes, toys, make-up sets… anything really.

The lovely people at Gotham Records have said the first 100 people to donate will get a free CD too… how very nice!

I hope people will help with this, I think it’s an amazing charity and one that’s been over-shadowed by much bigger charities and organisations. Anyhoo, give me a shout if you want to help/donate, and I promise you really will be making a difference.



Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes

12 01 2010

Oh my god… that is all I have to say!

A Day in the life of Tara…

6 01 2010

Sometimes I do sit back and think how random my life is, and yesterday was no exception as I got to meet a hero of mine… the Barclays Premiership Trophy.

A Birmingham businessman won the chance to have the trophy for the day, so he teamed up with Harvey Nichols to raise money for St Basils by displaying it in the designer store’s menswear department for the day.

I went to have a gander at the trophy and it was as beautiful as I though. If only I’d taken a bag big enough to swipe it…

Want to own designer.co.uk?

6 01 2010

So, I found this out yesterday and it made me wish – more than usual – that I have seven figures sitting in the bank waiting to be spent.For anyone that does, you can be the proud owner of the domain, designer.co.uk.

The site’s current owner, Gerard Hughes, is looking to rent the site for £5000 p/m or sell it for a seven-figure sum. Last month the site had over 17k unique visitors; 85% of which came from direct visits.

The site is pretty wasted at the moment, as it’s being used as an affiliate site, but surely there is a fashion brand or designer that can scoop the domain?

Happy New Year, Happy New Snow Boots

6 01 2010

Hello hello, it has been a while since I’ve blogged… apologies but the festive season has got in the way. The bad news now though, is that my brain has a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to blog about so sorry if you get sick of seeing random things from me over the next week.

So, how was everyone’s Christmas and New Year? We all set and ready for 2010? I am; completely. I don’t know why but I’m really excited about this year; there are so many things going on and being the start of a new decade makes me think there are even more possibilities.

On the personal side, there is lots going on, including an exciting house move this Friday. Stay tuned for pictures of the housewarming…

Work-wise there are some amazing things on the horizon, including some exciting plans for Style Birmingham; International Dance Festival Birmingham 2010; some great projects with Punch Records; and the fantastic Pop: Jann Haworth exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. There is also the looming final of The F Word, which features Birmingham’s very own Lasan. Fingers crossed they do it… tune in to Channel 4 tomorrow night at 9pm to find out. There’s loads more happening at Rewired, so I’ll be sure to share it with you.

But for now, I just want to say how bored I am of the snow. It was exciting when it was Christmas but Mr Jack Frost, IT ISN’T CHRISTMAS ANYMORE. I’m not using the white stuff to have any time off work either; what’s the point, you’ll only end up doing more when you’re back anyway. The drive home tonight was a tad horrendous as the snow is turning to ice, but most of the problems are caused by bad drivers!

Anyway, rant over… I’m off to finish packing for the big move. Catch you later.