Tesco’s Ginger Joke

16 12 2009

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I did tweet about this yesterday but again thought I should share it via the blog. This is one of my absolute favourite stories to ever appear in the press…. Tesco were on the money with popular humour but far off on the decent stakes.

I read yesterday that the big-chain supermarket had to publicly apologise after complaints about a Christmas Card. I can hear you thinking, “What on earth could be so bad about a Christmas card…?”

Well, some clever people at Tesco thought it would be funny to sell cards that showed a child with ginger hair sitting on Santa’s lap with the words “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones” above. Now, to me this is absolutely hilarious and spot on with jokes you hear every day, but I can see how offence could be taken.

In fact, a mother of three (all redheads) told BBC News, “I picked it up and I couldn’t believe it… I just thought ‘What is so funny about that?’ I didn’t really get the joke.”

In a way I do commend Tesco for joining the ginger joke, which I will point out most redheads do not mind, but I can see her point. But is this just yet another case of political correctness gone mad…? Perhaps.




One response

22 12 2009

I couldn’t believe this when I read it. Taken far too much to the extreme if you ask me! I told my little sister who is ginger about this, and she just laughed – she didn’t find the card. Where does political correctness end?

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