Time To Get Carrie’d Away… again!

17 12 2009

I’ve just spied this online so thought I would share – it’s the first teaser poster for Sex and the City 2…

I cannot wait for the return of the girls, even moreso now I’ve been to New York again. Time to get the Cosmo’s out girls…


Tesco’s Ginger Joke

16 12 2009

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I did tweet about this yesterday but again thought I should share it via the blog. This is one of my absolute favourite stories to ever appear in the press…. Tesco were on the money with popular humour but far off on the decent stakes.

I read yesterday that the big-chain supermarket had to publicly apologise after complaints about a Christmas Card. I can hear you thinking, “What on earth could be so bad about a Christmas card…?”

Well, some clever people at Tesco thought it would be funny to sell cards that showed a child with ginger hair sitting on Santa’s lap with the words “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones” above. Now, to me this is absolutely hilarious and spot on with jokes you hear every day, but I can see how offence could be taken.

In fact, a mother of three (all redheads) told BBC News, “I picked it up and I couldn’t believe it… I just thought ‘What is so funny about that?’ I didn’t really get the joke.”

In a way I do commend Tesco for joining the ginger joke, which I will point out most redheads do not mind, but I can see her point. But is this just yet another case of political correctness gone mad…? Perhaps.

35 Examples of Creative Minds

16 12 2009

This link has been sitting in my inbox all week, reminding me to blog about it.

A good Twitter friend of mine posted this link and I thought it was a great example of creative advertising, so wanted to share it with you. This is 35 examples of brilliant billboards, signs and outdoor ads.

Let me know your favourite ones… mine has to be this from The Economist:

We’ve All Gone GaGa

14 12 2009

She’s certainly gained some column inches since breaking into the charts and it seems as though there’s no stopping Lady Gaga.

I’ve seen countless headlines about her crazy demeanour and somewhat interesting wardrobe, and there are even rumours that she may have previously been a different sex. Regardless of the criticism and down-right rudeness about her, it seems that we have all in fact gone Gaga.

Yesterday her latest track, Bad Romance, went to the top of the British Charts; her third British Number 1. It also made chart history for the most Number 1 songs in a single year by a female artist.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how they find GaGa’s controversy too contrived and yet they’re still buying her single. Personally, I think it’s brilliant that we have someone in the charts with a bit of personality; she’s putting a bit of fun back in to the pop world… something that we all praised Madonna for in the 80’s.

It was about time Madge hung up her leotard and made room for the next role model, and why not GaGa?! She’s fun, she’s pretty, she doesn’t hurt anyone (well, apart from the guy in her last video but that was made up) and do you know what, she’s brought a bit of joy to an otherwise gloomy 2009.

So, I say ‘All Hail GaGa’ — the crazy blonde with the enviable wardrobe and talent for playing the piano with her feet (this I have actually witnessed for myself!)

Share what you love about Birmingham for the UK City of Culture Bid

9 12 2009

Whatever your thoughts – and there are a lot of opinions out there – Birmingham’s official bid to become the UK’s first City of Culture has been announced today.

Birmingham’s bid will be managed through the Birmingham Cultural Partnership (BCP) and the finalists will have until May 28 2010 to make their last attempts at the title.

With an expected £200m boost to the local economy if successful, it’s no surprise that there are 22 other cities going for the title too.

As part of the bid, Birmingham City Council and the BCP is asking people that live and work here to share their thoughts on what the City of Culture can and should mean. The new interactive website – Big Blank Canvas – asks people to share what they do in their ‘cultural life’, what they’d like to see happen as part of the city of culture in 2013, and also say what their favourite place is in the city.

So, make sure you take part and have a say in what you love about Birmingham, and equally what you want to see come out of the City of Culture Title.

FYI – The winner of the UK City of Culture is being announced by the Culture Secretary, Ben Bradshaw, next summer.

The most important people in fashion…

9 12 2009

It’s an exciting day in the fashion industry, as the British Fashion Council has announced its Power List. So, who are the most important and influential people in the industry? The wait is over – here’s the list in alphabetical (rather than power) order:

  • Alexander McQueen – designer
  • Anna Whiting & Sam Gainsbury – fashion show and shoot producers
  • Anya Hindmarch – designer
  • Christopher Bailey – Burberry chief creative officer
  • Dame Vivienne Westwood – designer
  • David Bailey – photographer
  • Erin O’Connor – model and industry figurehead
  • Guido Palau – hairdresser
  • Harold Tillman – BFC chairman
  • Hilary Riva – ex CEO and BFC member
  • Hussein Chalayan – designer
  • Joan Burstein – owner of Browns boutique
  • John Galliano – designer
  • Kate Moss – model and Topshop designer
  • Louise Wilson – head of MA fashion at Central Saint Martins
  • Lulu Kennedy – director of Fashion East
  • Mandi Lennard – PR
  • Naomi Campbell – model
  • Nick Knight – photographer
  • Pat McGrath – makeup artist
  • Russell Marsh – casting director
  • Sir Paul Smith – designer
  • Sir Philip Green – Arcadia owner
  • Sir Stuart Rose – Marks & Spencer executive chairman
  • Stephen Jones – milliner

Tonight also sees the British Fashion Awards, including an award for the industry’s ultimate Style Icon, for which the BFC teamed up with Grazia Magazine. Grazia Daily will be bringing all the winners, wardrobes and behind-the-scenes action LIVE from the awards!

The end of the road for GHD’s…?

9 12 2009

So it looks like this could be the end of the road for GHD’s, as scientists have today announced they are creating a pill to eradicate the ‘curly hair’ gene. Now, I’m not really sure how I feel about this – something sinister within me enjoys spending 15 minutes every morning using said hair straighteners to make sure I don’t leave the house looking like Scary Spice.

With the weather the way it is at the moment, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I didn’t have to worry about a ‘frizzy fro’ situation. But who knows what a pill strong enough to *destroy* an actual gene, would do to the rest of the body?! And what about the beauty industry; the amount of money we spend on hair relaxing treatment and straighteners… what would all of those people do? On the plus side, there are massive benefits for forensic scientists… but still.

It’s definitely an interesting ‘watch this space’ situation, but at the same time I do wonder whether they should be trying to cure cancer or something before spending time and money on this. I’m happy to waste time on my hair; after all, what else would I have to complain about?