Proud to be BRITish

19 02 2009


So, last night saw the legendary BRIT Awards 2009 and I have to say, I think they were my favourite yet! Not just because I saw James Corden in a dress, but all thanks to… wait for it… Twitter!

Following my spontaneous BAFTA commentary, I decided that it had to be done for BRITs. So, along with several of my other Twitter friends – namely @PhotosbyLee @NotAPretender @Urbanfly @Ianhlhm and @aaronhuckett – we spent the whole two hours commenting, praising and insulting the glitterati in attendance at Earls Court. And my, did it make the Awards even more interesting.


My highlights:

  • James Corden and Mat Horne as Kylie’s backing dancers, equipped with red dresses and PVC boots
  • The very cool festival theme – glad to see they made some effort with venue dressing this year!
  • The general ‘proud to be British’ atmosphere… I think this could be thanks to the lift on the alcohol ban
  • Deserving winners: Kings of Leon and Girls Aloud (although not in the same league as the Kings, the girls have been around for 7 years and this is their first gong!)
  • Kings of Leon, in general!
  • Take That in a space ship, wearing glasses… although I think they mimed, which was a bit disappointing
  • The long-awaited collaboration between The Ting Tings (who were great) and Estelle (who was very out of time)
  • The Hoff coming onto Fearne Cotton… all a bit uncomfortable, but very funny
  • Duffy’s bad speeches and ill-fitting dresses – this was very topical during the Twitter BRIT chat!
  • And finally…. the (in my opinion) dreadful performance by the Pet Shop Boys, who won the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award. I have always been quite indifferent to them, but that performance just rendered me speechless! And, as much as I like her, what was the point of Lady GaGa being there?



So, just in case you missed it, here are the winners:

British Female Solo Artist Duffy
International Female Solo Artist Katy Perry
British Breakthrough Act Duffy
International Group Kings Of Leon
British Male Solo Artist Paul Weller
International Album Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
British Live Act Iron Maiden
British Group Elbow
Critics’ Choice Award Florence and the Machine
International Male Solo Artist Kanye West
British Single Girls Aloud – The Promise
Mastercard British Album Duffy – Rockferry
Outstanding Contribution to Music The Pet Shop Boys

Time to gear up for some hardcore commentary on the Oscars… although staying awake from 1-6am before work on Monday morning might be a bit of a task.


Girls will be boys…

17 02 2009


Now, just before I write this post I want to clarify three things:
1) I’m not a crazed, bra-burning feminist
2) I don’t like soppy men
3) I don’t like ladies football… men in shorts works a lot better for me.

I have often been a fan of the metrosexual male; as someone who is close to having self-diagnosed OCD (I like to call it ‘paying attention to detail’), I think that a man taking pride in his appearance and not being afraid to be himself, is a wonderful thing. But following the launch of the Metrosexual blog, and several conversations with male friends, I thought I should restore the faith in women – we are not all emotional/clingy/needy/hard-to-understand. I met a guy a few weeks ago and as we started talking he said, “Oh my god, you’re not normal… you think like a boy!” I took this as a compliment (!) as I think he was referring to the following statements made by me:

  • I love football – and not just for boys in shorts, although Frank Lampard does make sitting down for 90 minutes a lot more bearable! Likewise, if you tell me that my Saturday will be spent at the football rather than shopping, I will probably love you a little bit more for it!
  • I can’t handle having to spend every waking minute with the boyfriend… I do have a life as well you know!
  • If I ask my boyfriend to come over and he has already said he’d go out with the boys, I’d prefer him to stick to his word and not dump his friends for me (see point 2)… friends are more important at the end of the day!
  • I mean what I say – if you ask me “do you want a present for Valentine’s Day?” and I say ‘no’, I really do mean it and I won’t hold it against you for a week!
  • I love Vinnie Jones and Ray Winstone
  • My ideal Sunday would be spent hungover, in a pub, watching football (see point. 1)
  • I love nights in as much as nights out
  • My favourite film of all time is ‘Snatch’
  • I’m not hormonal, nor do I nag! I am a bit of a control freak so chances are, I probably won’t ask you to do the washing up because I’d rather do it myself
  • I don’t spend my life crying
  • After being together for two weeks, I do not expect any “I love you’s” nor do I want to marry you and have lots of babies in a year’s time!… unless you’re Frank Lampard perhaps!

That said, I do love shopping, make-up, weddings, chick flicks (sometimes) and drinking cocktails, and of course, my 2nd favourite film of all time is ‘Sex and The City’. After all, I am only human!

And for those of you who don’t think like me, check out:

Bonjour… kiss me quick

7 02 2009

I was watching QI last night, getting my daily Stephen Fry fix, and they raised the subject of continental kissing and how many times you should kiss in France. The answer to this is, in fact, between 1 and 5 times! Confused? Me too! So I decided to share this kissing map with you all, so you’ll never be caught short when taking a trip across the channel!

French Kissing

Anyone up for some snowboarding… in Birmingham?

7 02 2009

A good example of PR…

I randomly came across this yesterday and thought that it was a good example of creating a press opportunity…

Snow+Rock enlisted the help of Kerrang! presenters Christian and OJ Borg to demonstrate how we should all be making the most out of this week’s random weather, with some Urban Snowboarding


Photo courtesy of Kerrang!

Video courtesy of Kerrang!


New Year’s Resolution… WIN!

6 02 2009

Part of my New Year’s Resolution was to do more of what I say and one of the main things I was referring to was sorting out my blog. So, a mere 37 days after the start of 2009, I have finally set up my blog.


I’m not particularly sure what this blog will consist of… I suppose it is just a means of constantly talking without any poor sole having to listen to me. If you decide that you want to keep up to date with this blog, you can be sure to find the following:

– Random thoughts
– Opinions on topical matters
– Links to interesting things
– Ramblings related to PR, Birmingham and the creative industries
– References to retail therapy and drinking cocktails
– Pictures of my life and the things I get up to
– My favourite words and phrases
– References to Facebook and Twitter… I’m obsessed!
– and much, much more I’m sure.

So, I hope you have a lovely weekend – no doubt I’ll be spending mine blogging… it’s my addictive personality you see!!

Lovess xx xx

Ps. Wow, writing my first post was kinda fun!